The Schola, from its very beginning, has been managed by Magdalena Krzywda-Krzysteczko, a graduate in theory from Academy of Musicin Katowice.

The members of the ensemble are both musically educated people as well as enthusiastic amateurs. We rehearse in Chorzów (Poland), where the founders of the ensemble come from, but as time passed, the group has been joined by people from other towns of the area.

Some of us are active members of the reenactment company "Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre" from Chorzów, so we often perform at events organized by the company.

Currently the members of Schola Nativitatis are:

Magdalena Krzywda-Krzysteczko
Stella Hensel-Bielówka
Anna Królicka
Alicja Krypel
Alicja Pawlikowska
Anna Skawińska
Kornelia Wach
Małgorzata Wilczek
Agnieszka Witucka

2006 - The Schola was founded in 2006, although the idea to create it had been rising in its founders for a long time. After many discussions, the first rehearsal was kept on May 14th.

2008 - We recorded the album "Mariam matrem virginem" with the all-male Schola Cantorum Minorum Chosoviensis.

2011 - The Schola, and especially its soloist Magda Krzywda, took part in the recording of "Hymnos Akathistos", on a CD distributed with the most popular Polish weekly magazine, "Gość Niedzielny".

2012 - We gave a series of concerts promoting the album "Mariam matrem virginem" with Schola Cantorum Minorum Chosoviensis and the early music ensemble Scandicus.

2013 - During a Passion songs concert the portal made a reportage about our ensemble.